About DisDaBomb

DisDaBomb Luxury Bath Experiences – add a sprinkle of luxury to your life!


DisDaBomb bath products promote relaxation & a feeling of luxury. All DisDaBomb products are handcrafted with only the finest natural ingredients.

DisDaBomb was created in 2010 when Angela Lusignan started selling her handcrafted bath bombs at a local craft show in Vancouver. Due to the success and demand of her products, Angela turned her love for creating a luxurious bath experience into a business. From that moment onwards, DisDaBomb was born.

Angela has a certain set abilities that led to self employment as a way to produce income and fulfill purpose. To that end, Angela enjoys being an active member in the business world and producing quality products for her customers. Ultimately, DisDaBomb provides opportunities for its employees of all abilities to do what they love and have the opportunity for paid work.

In 2017, Angela passed on the DisDaBomb business to Community Ventures Society – a non-profit based in the Tri-Cities. Community Ventures Society (CVS) serves the Tri-Cities and surrounding area, providing Foster Families, Summer Camps, Respite, Life Skills, Community Inclusion, Specialized Children’s Residential, Outreach, and Shared Living services to support people with developmental disabilities and their families. CVS believes in the strength of the community and inclusion. It is proven that people with developmental disabilities who actively work in the community – whether through employment or self-employment – thrive. DisDaBomb is a shining example of this and CVS is excited to be continuing the spirit of this business so it can grow and prosper in the future.

Philosophy: DisDaBomb produces high quality products that helps customers relax & unwind, adding a sprinkle of luxury to their lives. DisDaBomb also believes in giving everyone an opportunity to participate in business.