Inclusion in the Community for Disabled people

DisDaBomb was founded by Angela Lusignan in 2010 when she started selling her handmade bath bombs at a craft show in Vancouver. The positive reception from customers inspired her to turn her passion into a thriving business. Today, DisDaBomb continues to grow and prosper.

Angela’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to producing high-quality products have allowed DisDaBomb to create job opportunities for individuals with disabilities to help provide opportunities for people to pursue their passion and earn a living doing what they love.

In 2017, Angela decided to entrust the business to the Community Ventures Society, a non-profit organization based in the Tri-Cities. CVS aims to continue DisDaBomb’s legacy of promoting community inclusion and empowering individuals of all abilities to thrive by supporting the production of these high-quality bath products.

DisDaBomb’s bath products are designed to provide a luxurious and relaxing experience to its customers. What sets DisDaBomb apart is that all products are carefully handcrafted by individuals with disabilities, who are provided with valuable skills to succeed in their community. Our bath products are made using only the finest natural ingredients.

working with disabled people to provide employment opportunities and training