Doughnut Bath Bombs
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200 in stock

Indulge in the sweetness of our Pink Lemonade-scented doughnut bath bombs, complete with a moisturizing shea butter icing and sprinkles on top! These adorable doughnut bath bombs are almost too cute to use, but once you do, you’ll be transported to a fruity and refreshing bath time experience.

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Crafted with high-quality ingredients, our doughnut bath bombs create a fizzy and bubbly explosion that transforms your bath water into a colorful and delicious treat for the senses. The Pink Lemonade fragrance oil adds a zesty, citrusy twist to the sweet scent of the doughnut, creating a mouth-watering aroma that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

But what really sets these bath bombs apart is the moisturizing shea butter icing on top. Shea butter is known for its nourishing and hydrating properties, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and soft to the touch. And the colourful sprinkles on top add an extra touch of fun to your bath time experience.

Please note that due to the nature of these handmade bath bombs, the colour combinations will vary. And while the shea butter icing is a luxurious addition to your bath, it may leave a slippery residue in the tub. But don’t worry, a quick rinse with warm water will take care of any residue left behind.

So why not treat yourself to our cute and delicious Pink Lemonade-scented doughnut bath bombs? They’re the perfect way to add a touch of fun and indulgence to your self-care routine.

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Box Of 3”

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